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Political BS


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Apr 7, 2016
Indiana, US
This is the absolute last time I am going to say this: If you can't play nice with others despite differing viewpoints on religion, politics, gender, sexual identity, Ford versus Chevy, or your favorite flavor of ice cream, then don't play at all. I am sick to death of the crap I see the American left and right dishing out to each other in the real world, and I'll be damned if I'm going to put up with it here. This forum, including the Politics section, is NEUTRAL TERRITORY. That means you get to have your opinion. You get to state your opinion. You get to debate your opinion with others who have differing opinions. But you DO NOT get to disrespect anyone because of their opinion or act like a toddler who didn't get the candy bar he wanted in the checkout line. If you've hashed out a particular topic with someone and you can't reach common ground, SO WHAT? Agree to disagree and move on. You've seen the Director and I do this with each other repeatedly. I have never disrespected him on any of his beliefs or political views, and he's never disrespected me on any of mine. We expect nothing less from everyone else on this board.

We have an extremely tough time coming up in America. The proverbial excrement is about to impact the proverbial air circulation device. The remainder of this year is going to be extremely tense for everyone, but I will not allow that tension to destroy what we try so hard to represent with this forum, and that is freedom of expression without fear of harassment or abuse.

This is everyone's final warning for the rest of 2024: Keep it civilized, or you won't be posting here. It is that simple.
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