Poll: Is an invasion of Taiwan imminent?

Will China invade Taiwan in the next few weeks?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 12 57.1%
  • I don't know

    Votes: 2 9.5%

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Wrong, Taiwan has a few oil and natural gas wells.
Taiwan has rich coal deposits buried underneath the mountains of northern Taiwan. The country has an estimated coal reserve of about 180 million tons.The country has four main gold-bearing deposits with an estimated 100 tons of the precious metal. has abundant marble resources with the government aiming to make it more competitive in the international market. It is estimated that Taiwan has 30 billion metric tons of marble deposits, one of the largest in the world.
Taiwan is rich of Asbestos but mining of asbestos in Taiwan ended in 1987 and the government has put in place policies to affect the total ban on its use in the country.
Taiwan is one of the major exporters of cement, with its market including Malaysia, Ghana, Indonesia, and Australia. As of 2013, the country has a capacity to produces 26 million tons of cement per year.Although copper is found in large quantities across Taiwan, the mines have since been closed down.

2. China is the biggest single trading partner with about $103 billion but the other trading partners of the world combined are about $210 billion.

3. U.S. is importing the most from China but it exporting nothing to China , it's import volume from China is at $270 bilion.

But the U.S. imports from many other countries for example Mexico, Canada, Japan, Germany make up a volume of $550 bilion.
Taiwan exports $40 billion to the U.S.

4. Again USA is the biggest single trading partner of China but all the other 14 trading patners make up over 3 times more - $1300 billion.

5. It's not true.

6. Easily also true.

7. Stop living in the past.

8. China trains with Russia and has combat experience in skirmishes with India. 2020-2021

9. China copies everything with good prospects of success.

What you have learned today: China is not economically dependent on the USA, but the USA isn't also realy dependent on Chinese exports.
None of them made this big mistake.

What would China gain?

After successful battles against the U.S. navy, China gains full control of the Western Pacific and will slowly replace the USA as the hegemonial superpower.

China gains more power in the first place and on the long run World Domination.
Good grief!

Those are small compared to what's available in Afghanistan and elsewhere, not to mention in the Philippines. But it makes ZERO sense disrupting trade where China has been winning the past two decades. In fact, several of your subsequent points ironically proves that!

In Point 5, I meant sovereign state.

For Points 6 and 7,

Your Point 8 doesn't disprove my argument. Training <> combat experience.

For Point 9, if you only knew what Japan and others had been doing before that, not to mention the U.S. itself: