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(America viewers, what do you identify politically.

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Only got 17 votes... but that would make up the majority of active posters here. Still was hoping to catch some silent members or guest. :(

Still we have a good mix of members here from what I can tell. Glad these forums are diverse!

Just know I am neither for the left or right nor am I independent either. If neutral was a party that is what I am. After my long career I have come to realize everyone is wrong and only way things work is if both sides work together and compromise.

I am the party of compromise I guess. WHEN both sides end up unhappy that usually is the right choice.

One side can't win and in my experience when both sides are unhappy with a decision that usually means the middle ground which true middle ground has never really failed.

As they say you can't have a cake and eat it too. That imo is the text book definition of politics when it works right.
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Travis The Dragon

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Our votes do count and it's sad you have been told otherwise and you unsubjectivly believe it too.

It's this lie that groups spread so you don't vote and easier for political groups to grasp power the less people vote. :(
I was only explaining how I feel about things so I could get an idea on what option to vote for. You yourself said no debates so why are you even giving me your thoughts on how I feel about this?


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I was only explaining how I feel about things so I could get an idea on what option to vote for. You yourself said no debates so why are you even giving me your thoughts on how I feel about this?
You initiated conversations but than don't ask me what you should be labeled as or go in depth about what you believe and I'll stay quite.


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I was going to tweet the poll out, but since you wanted only posters, I thought it best not to.
Yes, this was nothing serious or formal, not targeted to your entire base. Just wanted to see what kind of geopolitical think tank this place-(the forums) has running with a parameters of only US members.

In fact I would of rather had comments disabled and just have the poll enabaled.

Thank you though for considering


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Thank you though for considering
But being said don't let me stop you if you would like to start your own poll and send it to all your social platforms. I would be intrested to see your base audience views as well from other platforms. (Though I don't use any social platforms. I use the forums to get my information and discuss information geopolitically to and from the D.W.S..)
I think the last general election showed that votes don't count. When a party can just truck in votes, find votes, and "store votes until needed," it isn't unreasonable to beleive that your vote doesn't matter anymore.
Our votes would or will matter again when we win the battle against the enemy who thinks that the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution should not be believed in and followed.


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So DN do you believe we have not already seen too much governmental infringement on the constitution or bill of rights?

Liberty Quest the Deceleration of Independence is just a document of history like the Magna Carta. It was only relevant to those who wrote it, voted on it, and stood to enforce it.

The Declaration or Independence means nothing to us today till we make it part of our day-today lives.
Till we as a people today stand and enforce it.

We, including myself, stand and recite the BoR or the Preamble of the DoI
Like it’s some kind of fait accompli.
Its not and never has been, it’s only real as long as we grab on to it, till we demand it, till we enforce it. Till we refuse to allow those natural rights taken from us.

The people are the ultimate arbiter of our government. Not the Supreme Court or congress, the executive, the military, police or political parties.
If those governmental and political entities fail us, and they’ve already failed us in so many ways, it then becomes time to remove them.

Until we recognize this, until we educate ourselves to this natural law.
Until we stand together and enforce the constitution and BoR then we will either spin towards irrelevance and dissolution. Or our lethargic apathy will continue to allow a centralized totalitarian government to grow.

Do we as a nation want to avoid this kind of strife and suffering. Then we need to start now in relative peace and stability and demand it. Before we are only left with brute force to take it back.

Nothing in this life is permanent, free, or guaranteed.