Putin to Strengthen FSB, Provide "Modern Weapons and Equipment"


Power Poster
"'Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) plays a key role in protecting constitutional order and the country’s sovereignty,' President Vladimir Putin said ... 'the results the FSB achieved last year show positive momentum' ... Putin commenced the FSB’s 'efforts to combat terrorism and extremism, a number of successful counterintelligence operations and the fight against economic crimes.' 'Security was ensured during various public events, particularly during the parliamentary and local elections' ... He expressed gratitude to the FSB officers for performing their duties in good faith and accomplishing tasks in a timely and professional manner. 'The state will continue to strengthen the central office and territorial branches of the FSB, provide them with modern weapons and equipment as well as "provide social guaranties to the FSB officers and their family members,' Putin noted. 'I am sure that you, in turn, will continue to fulfill your duties properly,' the president said"