QANON member willing to testify against trump?


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Guess we'll see some stuff coming over the next few weeks or months if this dude is given the time to speak or maybe expose contact?


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"Self-described ‘QAnon shaman’ Jake Angeli says he was ‘betrayed’ by Trump, who failed to pardon him for storming the US Capitol, and is willing to testify against the former president at his impeachment trial"


Very interesting Situation but my opinion against Trumps Impeachment cant be changed , no matter what he had done.

My wish would just be , that they all act on their Guidelines , think about the consequences but the most important Thing : that they dont try to avoid any possible further Election , without Evidence or if it is not necessary , just because of emotions. Guess with Trumps behaviour , he wont get elected again , and even if he do : The people decided, like they decided for Biden.

A Joke at the End : These Horns should be sold as historical artefacts. May i hear Bids at 100.000.000 Dollars ? 🤣