Radiation detected in Japan may be from NK nuclear test


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The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) said it had detected isotopes "consistent with a nuclear fission event", The Japan Times reports.

"The ratio of the detected xenon isotopes (xenon-131m and xenon-133) is consistent with a nuclear fission event occurring more than 50 days before the detection," the CTBTO said.

"This coincides very well" with the North Korea’s announced nuclear test on February 12.

The detection at a monitoring station in Japan came 55 days after the explosion, The Japan Times reports.

The group said, however, that the discovery couldn’t help it answer the key question of whether Pyongyang used plutonium or uranium in the blast.

North Korea used plutonium in its 2006 and 2009 tests and any discovery that it used highly enriched uranium for its third test would mark a significant technological step for the impoverished and unpredictable regime.

This is interesting. They barely detected the radiation from the nuclear test done during Feb. Too bad it can't answer more questions.