Recording of Russian Bomber Frequency


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Following a USAF HFGCS intercept involving a 143 character EAM on 11175/USB, chatter was intercepted on RuAF Defense Net at 8033/USB. This is a six minute clip of the 2-Way communication:

If anyone can confirm the language and provide a summary of the discussion, I would appreciate it. Given the length of the communication and other factors, this may be civilian shortwave operators unwittingly calling on a military frequency. However, the timing is interesting, and I'd like clarification.


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I can't recognize language. But it is definitely not Russian.
May be Italian or Arabic or Hebrew - they have that stretched and vibrating vowels.


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Appreciate the response. I didn't think it sounded Russian either, which is part of the reason why I suspected it may have been civilians on a military frequency.


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is just a chat in the italian dialect between two sicilian persons talking about their personal things. Even for me (I am italian) is hard to understand because the accent is very strong but anyway nothing related to wars, bombers and russians ;-)