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Here is the context that is missing from that tweet:

“You can discuss whether the likelihood for an incursion is 20% or 80%, it doesn't matter. We need to be prepared for the worst,” Stoltenberg told reporters in Riga, Latvia, after chairing talks among NATO foreign ministers focused on the threat posed by Russia.
NATO is not saying an invasion is imminent. They are saying they simply must be prepared in case that scenario out of a hundred other scenarios happens.

Gad dang it, I wish people wouldn't tweet out stuff like that without at least acknowledging the context!


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First half hour in to the night session. Considering on the day session Dow was -652 points, night looks so far ok. Dow+100 S&P +23 NDQ +99 Gold 1776.80 +.30 Oil 66.97. So far nothing earth shattering. US$ down to 95.918 -.347 All of this might get shattered in an instant if Putin is going to say something bad.
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Putin has drawn his line in the sand. NATO has theirs, don't invade but we need to arm Ukraine to make sure you can't invade without paying a heavy cost. Putin says don't dare give them anymore weapons. Who is going to tell NATO to stop poking Putin in the eye?

Putin can't back down from his demands and NATO can only stop pushing weapons into Ukraine without a war. All because Turkey sold them drones and they used one to send a message, stop shelling us.


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Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova want to be EU’s friends with benefits:

Georgia & Moldova both participating in Riga meeting with all NATO summit.
Latvia has has expressed interest in closer ties as well
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This from interfax russia and thanks to google translate. this story broke 00:30 GMT 1 December

Moscow. December 1. INTERFAX.RU - More than 10 thousand servicemen as part of battalion tactical groups of motorized rifle formations of the Southern Military District marched to the areas of combined arms training grounds, the press service of the Southern Military District reports.

“In the field, about a third of the units of all formations and military units of the Southern Military District will begin the winter training period for the new academic year. More than at 30 combined-arms training grounds, "the message says.
It is noted that autonomous field camps APL-500 have been deployed on the basis of the main training grounds to accommodate personnel. For the first time, training sessions started at the new Nesterovsky training ground in Ingushetia and the Danilovsky training ground in the Volgograd region.

Link to story (Russian language)
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