Russia and Uzbekistan sign military partnership program until 2025


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The program of strategic partnership between Russia and Uzbekistan in the military field for 2021-2025 was signed by the defense ministers of the two countries Sergei Shoigu and Bakhodir Kurbanov on Wednesday in Bukhara.
The program was signed within the framework of the official visit of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation to Uzbekistan.

Earlier on Wednesday, at negotiations with Kurbanov, Shoigu noted that such a document had been developed for the first time, and is intended to maintain the achieved pace of interaction, to develop bilateral cooperation in the military sphere.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation stressed that a high level of relations in this area has developed and is being strengthened primarily due to the relations between the presidents of Russia and Uzbekistan.

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Does anyone think this might be more significant in the context of the Kyrgyzstan/Tajikstan situation? I don't really know what I think but the timing is interesting.