Russia Displays Urgan-1M MLRS


Power Poster

"Uragan rocket launcher is designed to dispose of manpower, diverse armored vehicles armored and motorized units of the enemy on the march and in areas of concentration, to destroy command posts, objects of military infrastructure and communications for remote establishment of antipersonnel and antitank minefields on the distance of 10-35 km."

"'The very core of the modernization is the adoption of removable barrels, which means that the system will be bi-caliber and will be capable of using armaments of a bigger caliber' ... So the Uragan-1M will be able to fire its original 220mm rockets as well as 300mm rockets designed for Smerch, a heavy multiple launcher. In addition, in contrast with its predecessor, the modernized version will be fully automated, and reloading will be made by a simple substitution of the barrels. ... The system is designed for striking troops, armor, artillery units, air defense systems, helicopters on heli-pads, destroying fortifications, communications and other infrastructure. The launcher has 16 barrels and can fire them all in 20 seconds. Its rockets can hit the target at a maximum range of nearly 36 km and cover an area of 42.6 ha."