Russia Suffering from Countless Internal Saboteur/Rebellion Incidents


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All we know so far is major fires have started at two locations within Russia. Both completly destroying building/facility.

1.) One of Russias largest chemical facility.
2.) Russias #1 top secret aerospace research institute.

Any other information at this time is RUMINT.


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So, for now, 3 differents fire? ( 2 in Tver, 1 in Dmitrievsky/Moscow's outskirts )

EDIT : my bad, i posted at the same time as your last message Darknoon )


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What is the third fire? Thought it was the aerospace research institute and the chemical plant.
you were right, i thought that " Air-Space Defense Research Institute" and " Air Defense Research Institute" were different places in Tver ( that's 2 names used to designate that place in tver, but it's the same place )


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  • "‎According to preliminary data, the cause of the emergency was the emergency mode of operation of the power grid, the building and wiring were old.‎"