Russian collusion


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Durham investigation
Sources say Biden security advisor is under scrutiny in investigation. Sullivan was Advisor to the 2016 Clinton campaign. Durhams prob indicated Sullivan was Clinton contact person with Perkins Coy, and fusion gps.
We’ll see what eventually comes of this.
The collusion it seems not to be with the Trump campaign. But with the Clinton campaign to throw dirt on Trump utilizing a cadre of lawyers and Government investigators.
If accurate, it’s not good using the FBI to target a candidate.
Especially when you consider the server bruhaha was the stepping stone to the entire Russian collusion investigation.
You have to ask yourself is this who we want to be?


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I laugh at this just as much as I laugh at Trump Russian collusion. It's all a bunch of bullshit started and spon out of each side to hurt the other.
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Your correct it not about talking to foreign officials. General Flynn should have never resigned.
The issue is campaigns slinging mud and directly working with the FBI and DOJ officials to launch a specious and worthless investigation. Unless of course you just don’t care if government agencies and officials involve themselves with specious investigations based upon worthless campaign muckracking.
If that’s the level of corruption and ignorance we’re comfortable living with then there isn’t much left we have to talk about.
Our concept of what is acceptable gov are incompatible.