Russian Navy west of Hawaii prompted F-22 fighter launch from Hickam


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The incident came less than a week after another unspecified incident prompted the base to issue a lockdown order for several hours.​

Is the CCP making runs on Hawaii? Or someone else?

Ben Dhyani

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Russia has provided more details about its recent sea and air drills conducted in the central Pacific, which included mock attacks on a simulated aircraft carrier strike group. Although we don’t know exactly when this exercise happened, its announcement comes just days after reports that U.S. Air Force F-22A Raptor stealth fighters were scrambled from Hawaii in response to Russian activities in the region, the second such reported alert mission in as many weeks. The robust Russian presence has seemingly alarmed the U.S. government to a significant degree, even prompting it to move a carrier group into the region in response, but details about exactly what’s been going on and why it’s so worrisome remain murky.