Russian prankers sneaked into political-strategic meeting of Western assets, by disguising as Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.


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Group of Russian prankers has attended to online meeting of leaders of NED - "National Endowment for Democracy", is an organization created and funded mainly by the US Congress (and informally under its leadership), which aims to "support democracy around the world", in fact - recruitment, creation, financing, organizational leadership and coordination of various structures within foreign states with "unwanted regimes" with the aim of undermining them, through protesting and other (up to armed) social destabilization.

Video of meeting:

Attended speakers at meeting:
  • Karl Gershman - the President of the NED.
  • Barbara Haig - vice president of policy and strategy for the NED.
  • Nina Ognyanova - a Senior Specialist for NED Programs in Eastern Europe.

Quotes and interesting details from the meeting:
  • >"-We worked mainly with partners in the east of the country, in Vitebsk and Gomel and Mogilev for more than 2 decades we have been supporting NGO centers in all these cities <...> this definitely led to the events of last summer <...> we do not believe, that such a movement came out of nowhere. <...> We are, of course, modest, but made a significant contribution "
  • >"-Although NED is banned in Russia, it doesn't matter. We have no offices, so the Russian authorities won't be able to kick us out. We support a lot of groups and many active programs in the country."
  • >"- Has Leonid already contacted you earlier? I mean Leonid Volkov. (Leonid Volkov is a head of Alexey Navalny organisation's headquarters) / - Yes of course. You know, we are on the subject and follow closely together in our own strategy. They are now targeting the StateDuma (Russian Parliament) elections in September "
  • >"-... now the dialogue between yours (" Tikhanovskaya's ") and the Russian movement is important in order to continue the struggle in the future, combining protests, but also preparation for the elections to the StateDuma, as well as for local elections"
  • > "-... there is a tremendous willingness to help from Washington. They are clearly focusing on the Duma elections in September <...> they are leaving the protests behind and focusing on smart voting."
  • > "-Also recently it became known about the Russian military exercises in Belarus. We do not know what Putin's strategy is. Nobody actually knows. But we are concerned about the likely presence of Russian troops in Belarus. This bothers us a lot in addition to the current problems we are already facing."
  • > "We have a labor group that has been working in Belarus since the 1990s right now, although they work on certain programms in Ukraine, currently, but we continue to work with them. Also, we have provided direct funding for some labor-related activities in Belarus for 17 years. So we continue to work on it and we understand how critical it is. It is most important in Russia. We have extensive programs in Russia, and as Karl mentioned, we have already taken root deeply even in the provinces and regions, outside of Moscow. Very deep and wide."