Seoul Mayor found dead hours after being reported missing

The Mayor of Seoul, Capital of South Korea; Park Won-soon found dead

Missing for a few hours, the mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, was found dead. He was the subject of a recently filed sexual harassment complaint.


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yeah, seems pretty evident now that the poor bastard killed himself. left behind a note.
What is evident is this guy made many VERY powerful enemies. He seemed like a decent person.

I'd say the sexual misconduct was manufactured or at least opportunistically jump upon by one of many corrupt corporate entities/political opponents(same thing these days). I don't expect to ignite a debate here about misogyny, we are all well aware of such injustice but that's another thread. I believe the problem of urgent focus here is the systemic simple conclusions people come to based on "evidence". We are smarter than that.

Do some google searches, see how many enemies this guy made. They probably threatened his family and gave him this out. Sad on many levels