Server update

DEFCON Warning System

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We know the site has been plagued by slowdowns, especially recently with the crisis in the Ukraine and a lot of people coming to this site looking for information (and cooler heads).

Currently, we are on a shared server due to cost constraints. This means we get slowed down by our ISP if we use too many resources, which has been frequently lately.

Thanks to you, however, we are going to be upgrading our server to a semi-dedicated one with more resources.

We can do this because you have been clicking on ads and taking advantage of our affiliate link from My Patriot Supply.

I know, ads suck. But they help pay the bills, and I can't thank you enough for turning off your ad-blocker when you visit here.

We've (hopefully) reduced the number of ads that are showing, though sometimes they slip through and more are shown than what is supposed to be allowed.

The plan is to upgrade sometime in May. This is going to require moving a lot of files, as the new plan limits the amount of disk space we can use. (The current plan does not.)

Actually, DEFCON only uses a couple gigs of data. It is my hobby site, The Doctor Who Audio Dramas, which eats the disk space. (60 gigs!) So I currently moving a lot of files to a new home before we can upgrade our plan.

(And as long as I am self-promoting, here is my other site: Tigers' Quest. A series of books and audio dramas about the life and struggles of a tiger family in India. Hey, I don't think about nuclear war 24/7!)

So thank you for your support, thank you for putting up with the ads, and we are going to get this new server up and running in hopefully a few weeks.