Strong spike in Sicily radiation levels right after Beirut explosion


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I was a bit curious after the large exposition in Beirut, that blast had an immense pressure wave that destroyed buildings. Decided to see if any radiological events were soon after, and sure enough they were.

You can see here, Sicily became an anomaly right around the time the blast went off. It spiked quite heavily and has been steadily increasing. Looking at past data, I find it hard to believe it was a sudden and coincidental "equipment malfunction".

So why Sicily? The jet stream in that area (especially the warm current following the opposite direction) would bring Lebanon's radiation to Italy. Rome and other places have better geographical protections (Apennine Mountains) where Sicily is far more exposed at the coastline.

I'm continuing to watch this, as it seems interesting given that US leadership has admitted to the press that "it appears to have been an attack".


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Hopefully this is just some kind of glitch. Otherwise, either the Lebanese were storing radioactive material near the nitro when it blew up accidentally, or somebody deliberately set off a dirty bomb in Beirut.