SW Radio Advice


I would like to buy a SW radio to have in case of a shtf scenario. I have no interest in broadcasting, just listening. Any recommendations on what to get is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Make sure you get one that has Single Side Band capability. The radio I have is a Kaito 1103. It works pretty good though I know that there are better radios out there. Also, get a long wire antenna. That will help with reception.


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Also make sure you keep it protected from EMP by storing it in a Faraday cage. You'll also need a method of keeping it powered. I recommend rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, and a small solar panel, which should also be protected from EMP.


Here's an idea you guys might not have thought of as far as keeping batteries charged. Mount a 10 speed bicycle on a frame. Remove the rubber part of the rear tire. The groove fits a regular V-belt just fine. Have the belt connected to an Alternator. Actually, the old alternators for Chrysler products works especially well, because they are easy to wire and very dependable. Either a standard 65 amp or even the 100 amp for the luxury cars in the 70's and 80's will work especially well. It only takes three wires and you're making electricity.