Sweden Has Developed Jet Able to 'Kill' Russian Sukhoi Planes, Commander Claims


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Commander of Sweden's Air Force, Mats Helgesson, stated that the country's recently developed Saab JAS 39 Gripen E jets were "designed to kill Sukhois" — Russia's top air superiority fighters, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported. In a bid to further stress the Gripen E's effectiveness, Helgesson concluded that the aircraft have a "black belt" in fighting Russian jets.


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They are quick nimble fighters with tons of jamming software that can make them disappear to enemy fighters. SU's are heavy long range interceptor aircraft that loose a lot of speed and altitude in a dog fight. The new Migs on the hand will be very deadly aircraft. A Mig 29 in the right hands will eat a SU in a dogfight but the SU was designed to cover all of Russias vast territory with a lot of long range missiles.