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The Best Nuclear War Films

Dune: Part Two

I'm looking forward to seeing this at some point.
Part one was really good.

The original was a disservice to the source material, these new films are actually really good. It's rare to see.
Anyone who spoils the plot for me gets a permanent ban! :ROFLMAO:
Neutron Bomb documentary

I watched this on Prime the other day and the thing I found fascinating, in a morbid way, was the baseball sized devise that didn't explode. The creator of the Neutron Bomb called it the ultimate radiological weapon.


The Inhumanity of the Atom Bomb

An Indepth documentary on the results of the atomic bombing of Japen. Don't watch if you're squeamish.

It is wrong and not helpful to the discussion to assume nuclear weapons if used are by default the end of the world or modern civilization.
Hiroshima today

They are absolutely more destructive and damaging. There use should be avoided at all cost. They will leave residual radiation impacts.
But if there use does not result in a global massive retaliation by all players. Life will go on.

This is important to recognize and accept because this is recognized by the leaders and military commanders of all nuclear nations. It is part of their calculus when making decisions regarding the use of nukes.
OMG! I so hope this is good. I am going to take time off slowly dying to watch and rewatch every single episode, with pauses for commentary!
It's good. I wouldn't Rave about it but it's good. At least the first episode that I've watched.
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