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The Best Nuclear War Films

Loved the games and have played them along with every official expansion and mod’s imaginable. It got Boyd Crowder too! Hot damn.
If that is the case you may be disappointed in the TV series.
If that is the case you may be disappointed in the TV series.
It doesn't really follow any of the games and it leaves you with more questions than answers.

Not just my opinion but many others who have also watched it. A lot of OSINT accounts made remarks about it a couple days ago when it first released. They all said it didn't follow any of the games.
I'm going to say what I know we all want and what we're all thinking. They need to make a movie about Fallout New Vegas!

But Bethesda has a grudge or doesn't like Fallout Vegas. 😡
Just got finished watching this again. It's been a while since I last watched it and I forgot how good it is. Very sad and very powerful. IMO
I’m very partial to the “On the Beach” movie especially the black and white one. If we were voting this would get my vote!
Obviously not a movie that actually deals with nuclear war per say, but the Seventh Seal is a good movie about how society literally dies.
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