The definition of being “Woke”


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The definition of wokism by Victor D Hansen.
The frog carried the scorpion across the river and when across the scorpion stings the frog.
The frog looks at the scorpion as the poison spreads.

the frog: Why did you sting me? I carried you across the river?
the scorpion: Because that’s who I am.

Always be careful what political fad or movement you go along with.
When a political movement or fad has momentum all sorts of weird and twisted manifestation will occur.

A recently installed diversity officer marches into a public works facility and brusquely demands to know who is the “minority working at this facility”.
Transparent in their mission to catch an employee who falsely misrepresented themselves on a job survey.
They reply he’s over there, he’s Pacific Islander.
Deflated the diversity officer blurts out. “Oh he’s one of those!” Then spins and marches out.

Seems diversity has its own acceptable definitions and limits and there just as prejudiced as past ones.


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Its a word for a few groups of generations that lets other people know you believe in conspiracy theories and don't think for yourself.

I have only heard people use the word "woke" in pretense that they believe in these crazy cracked up conspiracy theories and because they do believe they are "woke". I mean I am almost speechless on how feeble minded the current few generations in America are.

"I am woke man, I know what is really going on"
"I am woke cause I know there are lizard people"

I thought hippies from the 70's cut the cake in retardation, but this generation just raised the bar ten fold in being retarded.
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I mean it though, never once have I ever heard the word "woke" used in any other social setting than saying you believing in conspiracy theories. Just the dumbest dumb thing ever. lol

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You obviously believe what your told,
Well done you pass the test.
It is True woke can refer to belief in conspiracy theories I suppose. Although no one I know uses it in that context.
By the way when did testing the effects of Siphilis on black prisoners stop being a conspiracy theory I wonder?
My mistake for not offering a definition of being woke. For myself being woke is ironically being exactly everything you displayed in your reply.
being woke has nothing to do with believing the World trade centers might have been brought down with controlled demolition. Or Sandyhook was a false flag.
Being woke means accepting at face value what your told and doing the stutter step to get you cadence in-line with the rest of the band.

being woke is jumping on the latest political or social justice fad no matter where it heading or daring to question the narrative.
Being woke is accepting social media trends and personalities as validation of a story or a narratives validity. Being woke is being told what to believe and adjusting your opinions to reflect those beliefs.
Its evident we have different of understanding of what woke means.
It was my mistake for not clarifying.

Even though I might give thought to a “conspiracy theory” most I dismiss off hand because their ludicrous or rooted in racism. Some merit some consideration and review looking for outside sources to confirm or refute.
are set to the side allowing time to sort them out. Mostly their just distractions to be ignored.

Being woke for many is absolute confirmatory to new political fads or social justice narrative where a college professor can be protested and driven from their job for saying out loud “all lives matter”
you know why the statement “all lives matter” is so offensive to many? It’s not because it’s inherently incorrect in anyway. It’s offensive because it takes away from the cause and agenda of the day. Rather than adopt a statement that is universally true and irrefutable a partial selective truth is adopted to drive an agenda.
Being woke was not speaking up for the Jews in 1930’s Germany because it wasn’t popular, it would have been costly. Or hell maybe you just hated Jews.

Dismissing a alternative presentation of facts is what good judgment, thinking for oneself, convenient, or safe?
Accepting a new or popular social or political cause is what good judgment, thinking for oneself, convenient

just like the Karen meme it cuts both ways.
What is a Karen? a crazy MAGA anti-Vaxxer or a crazy mask enforcer.
The answer
which ever one is most supports your beliefs.