Things possibly overlooked


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I wanted to let people know about a device that is invaluable in my opinion. The device is called a Waterbob it holds roughly 100 gallons of water and is stored and filled using your bathtub. It is very inexpensive and could be used prior to an attack.

Also there is no need to buy a cooler any longer, if needed your refrigerator can be disconnected and placed on its back. Remove all shelving fill with ice and store food items of your choosing. I did this many years ago when we were effected from a hurricane. There was no power for 2 weeks and it worked very well. After the ice melts, you have another source of water for drinking once filtered. A way to store ice is find a used freezer online or being sold locally, buy the bags online that store bought ice come in, using your ice maker, gradually fill the bags to capacity and store. Or buy ice now and devote a freezer solely for ice storage.

I also used the water from a toilet tank once its always fresh since you flush your toilet many times a day. Typically the flush tanks hold a gallon or so of water. Buy a life straw or other filtering device and utilize this resource if you need to evacuate and are scavenging for resources. Same goes with water heater tanks, this is another overlooked resource. However, if rust colored water is seen while draining do not use. Hope these little tidbits of information may help you if needed.


You are so correct in things that could be over looked,I am a so called prepper,You can survive almost everything,Just use your brain.