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BREAKING - #Turkey has shot down 2 SyAF Su-24 fighter jets over #Idlib this morning & shot/missed a 3rd. #Turkey MOD has claimed responsibility, citing “air defense units.”

#pt: #Turkey also claims to have destroyed 3 #Syria air defense systems in northwest #Syria, responsible for downing a Turkish drone earlier today:

With the expiration of #Erdogan’s February deadline, Turkey has declared the launching of #Operation Peace Spring in #Idlib.

#Turkish F-16s have been buzzing the border & likely responsible for the downing of 2 SyAF Su-24s today. Dynamics are changing rapidly.
#pt: Beginning yesterday, pro-#Assad forces have begun burning tires in strategic locations, in the hope of limiting the abilities of #Turkey drones to spot targets.

The opposition has been doing that for years - extraordinary to see the tables turned. https://t.co/Q1nKwpgz9C

Since #Turkey's launch of Operation Spring Shield this morning, opposition groups look set to besiege Kafranbel after captured 13+ towns, including:

Kafr Mus
Dahr al-Kabir

#Turkey strikes & MRL fire continue unabated. https://t.co/BvGj8aqS9G


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Following the Syrian government’s demand to liberate the M5 road, we cooperated with the country and a number of forces from the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah of Lebanon in cooperation with the resistance groups provided service to the local people in liberated areas,” a statement by the MAC said on Saturday.

It added that the MAC was forced to cooperate again with the Syrian army to prevent reoccupation of the M5 after the Turkey-backed armed groups attacked the Syrian army positions again.

“Since the start of our presence in Syria, the Turkish army centers have been within the range of our forces but because of the Astana and other agreements, the committees’ forces and resistance groups have avoided attacks on the Turkish army centers and positions so far,” the statement cautioned.

It added that foreign terrorists from Tajikistan and the Turkistani party as well as al-Nusra militants have launched extensive attacks against the Syrian army centers in the past four days, and the MAC has sent its forces to the liberated areas again to help the Syrian army.

The statement blasted the Turkish army for missile attacks against the MAC centers despite its defensive position, and said mediators have been sent to the Turkish army to stop these attacks and improper behaviour but the Turkish army has turned down mediation and killed several of the MAC forces in continued bombings.

It added that the Syrian army’s artillery units reciprocated the attack, and MAC once again declared to the Turkish army that it does not intend to go into war as its top commanders insist on a diplomatic solution to the crisis between Syria and Turkey.

“Since this morning, we have ordered our forces not to target the Turkish army centers to protect the lives of the country’s forces, but the Turkish army still continues artillery attacks against our positions and the Syrian army centers,” the statement said.

“The MAC and the resistance forces want the Turkish forces to act wisely and in line with the interests of the Syrian and Turkish nations,” it added, warning that the Turkish soldiers have been within the range of the MAC’s fire for one month, but the MAC and resistance forces have refrained from targeting them.

“We want you to pressure your officials [to stop their offensive measures] in a bid to prevent the killing of the Turkish soldiers and remain committed to the agreements,” the statement said, addressing the Turkish soldiers and people.

“Despite the current difficult conditions, we emphasize again that we will stand beside the Syrian nation, government and army until expelling the terrorists and safeguarding Syria’s territorial integrity and urge everyone to show more care for wisdom while thinking about the dangers and consequences of continued attacks against Syria,” it concluded


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How much of these claims can be considered accurate, particularly when one sees claims from such entities as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights? Still I'm not complaining, time will tell what is really happening.


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Clashes between Syrian government forces and armed opposition groups are continuing in the northwestern strategic city of Saraqeb in Syria's Idlib province amid heavy Russian bombardment.

On Monday, Syrian state media SANA said government forces had wrested control of the city back from the rebels and pledged to "confront the flagrant Turkish aggression


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With most of #Saraqib under SAA control, Turkish-backed forces have begun to amass near Jobas, where heavy clashes are underway.

There is a Russian presence within the city, as well; arriving sometime this weekend as the city was captured. https://t.co/ifWGxv2rqP


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I don’t know if new thread needed or not. It is however a significant escalation of the conflict.
Coupling this with Erdogens threatening to flood refugees north again seems to indicate the level of escalation for some endgame escalation.
It’s beginning to feel like Turkey is more of a “rogue” state than DPRK.
In terms of military actions and movements, public announcements and foreign policy Turkey is a greater destabilizing threat to the world than DPRK, and easily rivaling Iran.