U.S. cancels warships deployment to Black Sea


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Putin had better start pulling his forces back as a sign of goodwill or Biden will look very foolish because our ships can rightfully be there as much as Putin can deploy his forces within his own borders. That is if someone did not see that they were put in a bad position and decided to pull back airing on the side of caution. I know we have some crazy new toys that can put a serious hurt on Russian military targets and the only way Putin would know who was responsible for the attack would be nobody else has the technology to do it.


I think Ukraine is toast, looks like the US and NATO will do nothing, so nuclear war averted for now.


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Once the war is launched, these ships will head off and leave the ukraine all alone. Same thing as for Georgia, in the videos we saw marines dancing polka with Georgian soldiers and once the war started they were gone.
Most people don't know why Putin did that. It was his response to the largest NATO naval armada in history steaming towards Iran after training for war off the east coast of the US. They were just rounding the horn of Africa when he said I call your bluff and invade my army south to Georgia.

It was just land in the way but made for a great excuse after the yelling match in the stands of the Olympic games while both were in China. The Armada broke up and Russia played out it's part.