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Turkey Announces 'basic' Agreement With Russia, Ukraine & UN To Export Grain Via Black Sea​

In a breakthrough towards resolving the looming food insecurity threats, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia in coordination with the UN have agreed to set up a 4-member center for the resumption of grain exports via the Black Sea. Officials of the respective countries said that they have decided to establish the facility in Istanbul and added that both warring parties reached a consensus on a system of joint control over the grain at seaports. "A “basic, technical” agreement has been reached between Ukraine and Russia to move crucial grain exports out of blockaded Black Sea port. -snip- Anadolu Agency quoted Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar as saying."


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⚡Expert: Russia has stolen $613 million worth of agricultural products from Ukraine since February.

According to Roman Neyter, a researcher at the Kyiv School of Economics, this is the estimated worth of the grain and agricultural oils Russia has stolen from Ukraine.
The total losses of agricultural sector due to the war can reach $27.6 billion, according to the expert.

This includes the losses inflicted by the blockade of Ukrainian ports.
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