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UA-RU-NATO | Jan 1st-31st | REPORTS

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Der Spiegel reports at least a company of Leopard 2A6 MBT’s to be sent to Ukraine from Germany
So 14 from Germany, 14 from Poland, 8 from Norway. At least 36 Leopard 2’s so far. Hopefully 14 from Finland as well. Maybe others
+++ Breaktrough: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will announces the delivery of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine. More soon on POLITICO

How did Poland manage to convince Germany not only to allow them to send Leopards but then to send Leopards too? Usually Germany has more political influence over Poland, not the other way around.
Government of Ukraine approved dismissal of heads of regional administration of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Kherson and Sumy regions

Belarusian armed forces recovering vehicles from long-term storages for Joint grouping of forces with Russia

Vehicle, belonging to local collaborator Valntyna Mamai, has exploded in Berdiansk

The Biden administration is leaning toward sending "a significant number" of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, two U.S. officials told @laraseligman and @alexbward. An announcement could come as early as this week. The U.S. is considering sending 30-50 Abrams tanks, one person said.

Biden administration plans to send Ukraine battle tanks to help in its war with Russia:

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration plans to send more than 30 of its frontline battle tanks to Ukraine, a move intended to unlock Germany’s reluctance to supply its own main battle tank to bolster Ukrainian forces battling Russia, according to a U.S. official.

Modern, capable tanks are seen as critical to Ukraine’s ability to resist an expected springtime offensive by Russian forces and to help the Ukrainians claw back parts of their country seized during the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainians operate Russian and Soviet-era tanks. Western tanks would provide them with vehicles that have more firepower, mobility and armor.
⚡German Chancellor expected today to announce the approval of Tanks to Ukraine and the approval of other nations to send its tanks to Ukraine.

⚡⚡⚡Berlin sends tanks to Ukraine; Russia says heavy weaponry for Kyiv is a ‘blatant provocation’:

Germany announced Wednesday that it is ready to send 14 of its own tanks to Ukraine – and to allow others to send their own German-made tanks – in an U-turn from its previous position.
⚡⚡⚡Germany Confirms It Will Send Leopard Tanks to Ukraine:

Russian saboteurs seek to hamper Putin’s war machine:

On the night of January 4, a section of tracks along the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region was blown up. The rail line was used by the Russian army to transport supplies to Ukraine.
Gavrilov made some interesting comments at the OSCE forum. On the surface this reads like a warning against sending long-range artillery, but you can also validly interpret it as a threat of retaliation agains the West should UA be able to launch another successful offensive in the southeast.

Note that while he doesn't immediately mention tanks, he does go on to say that "Kyiv's use of uranium-tipped projectiles to fire from Leopard 2 tanks will be regarded by Moscow as the use of dirty nuclear bombs." 🤔

Oh, btw., Putin spoke again today, but as is tradition he didn't say anything interesting. These days he almost sounds like a sane man - if you forget about everything that's going on.

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