UK terror threat level to be raised to 'severe' - meaning attack is 'highly likely'


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I'm in the UK and yes Islamic terrorism is always a problem here. As soon as you challenge Islam in any form or dare to speak of freedom of speech in any form that may be perceived even as an insult to Islam, we have what you've seen in France and Austria. Only going to get worse as the population of Muslims increases. But, we are regulated by the Gov what we can say and what we do say is then censored. The enemy is at the gate some might say. But getting to the larger picture, Turkey is playing a far more invasive role then you think here, its clear the leadership of Turkey are wanting to 1: Increase the Muslim population of Europe as fast as possible 2: Get into political positions due to the increase in voting populist 3: make Europe an Islamic state. So conflict over the coming years is 100% certain.


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Historically when an islamic empire emerged it was dominated by Turkey. The West focusses on Turkey but if Erdogan gets the titel of caliph all should be put in a different perspective as he will represent the muslim world. The muslim world is not only the Middle East but today the muslim world is also Western Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. As I stated before muslims have the demographic advantage in all key cities within two decades. For me Lebanon is the blueprint for Western Europe and Beirut will be the blueprint for most EU cities. Religious zones with own security services and politics controlled by extremists like Hebolllah is calling the shots in Lebanon. Macron puts in a lot of words to get political gain but in the end it wont change a lot.