Ukraine march 15

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Until the US and/or NATO directly commit troops I'm not too worried. Highly concerned yes, but freaking out. No.

Nothing was said in either the US or UK statements that hasn't been said multiple times the last 10 years. Things like "having their backs" and "unwavering support" are just flowery diplomatic speak.
Just in case, I'm activating emergency shelter building plans in advance of any potential committment by the US and her allies to the Ukraine. One emergency shelter is never enough IMO.


I definitely agree to the above statement. However, the point being made was, just because something has happened a thousand times and not ended badly, that does not by extension mean it can never end badly.

Frankly, that's the point of this board. To help each other keep aware of potential nuclear threats to the United States and/or her allies. Even if this has all happened before or is just much ado about nothing, the US cannot afford to take it as anything less than deadly serious. That's the way I take it was well, despite a low probability of the US actually getting any boots involved in this conflict.
Exactly. And each of these '1000
times' the envelope keeps being pushed further and further. Leaders have to keep up the appearance of tuffguys. This is a very slow moving train full of dynamite headed towards a wall.
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