Unusual readings at China's Taishan nuclear power plant

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China states that there has been no release of radiation at the Taishan nuclear power plant. However, experts note of unusual radiological readings and that China has raised the level of acceptable radiation allowed.


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It’s a tough one to judge the French company who owns a stake in the plant have raised serious concerns.
Most recently degrading fuel rod housings and build up of noble gases in the coolant water and steam.
It’s also located close to some of the most concentrated human populations on earth.


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I don't like how quite this issue has become. It got coverage for one day and than the story dropped. Not a single new word mentioned about it. To me that's not good.


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It’s also located close to some of the most concentrated human populations on earth.
That's alright for me. Not like they can't afford to lose people or have a entire generation turn sterile or not produce living offspring in that region.

Also would weaken China if it has a meltdown since it would occur in their economic hub region. If I was Biden I'd sit back not help and hope the Chinese scew their own pooch and sip on a half n half.

Not like they want our help anyway. :)

Yeah yeah it would cause a global down turn for the economy. But hey at least China would be delt a deadly blow to its economic Hub region for centuries.

Besides most of the factory and manufacturing is done in northern China. So not like the global supply chain would be totally devastated and even after a meltdown in that region China will still have plenty of people to man its industrial production for the civilian sector.

So yeah call me Evil but hope China screws their own pooch and set themselves back 50 years+ of "progress".
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Sorry if I don't believe what the CCP says. We will likly never know what exactly happened or even if the problem is ongoin
Nuclear accidents of all kind are happening in every nuclear plant, the puplic is only informed about the most severe.