US held subcritical nuclear test last Dec.


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A US report says the country held a subcritical nuclear test in the state of Nevada last December.

The test was the first of its kind in 5 years, the 28th by the United States, and the first under the administration of President Donald Trump.

According to the report by the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, the experiment called Vega was held at a nuclear test site in Nevada.

Vega involved new explosives used to create powerful impacts on plutonium, and an examination of a plutonium implosion. The NNSA called the test an important step toward enhancing the performance of nuclear weapons.

The US government in February announced a new nuclear strategy of enhancing deterrence capabilities to counter Russia and China, by such means as increasing low-yield nuclear arsenals.

The move marks a shift from the policy of former president Barack Obama, who advocated a world without nuclear weapons.

Observers say antinuclear groups are expected to criticize the Trump administration for boosting nuclear weapon capabilities while pressing for denuclearization of North Korea.


It's like we are back in the Reagan era.
Corporate handouts, American exceptionalism, and looming nuclear war.


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The only time reference in the post was that it was the first of its kind in five years. That would be the Obama admin not Reagan.

Do you honestly believe given the current nation states in the world today none of them are developing, enhancing, and building nuclear weapons and their delivery systems? China is not even obligated to look at the ABM treaty let alone abide by it. Russia is bragging about how big their “d_ck”, I mean bombs and MRVS are. Disarming or not keeping up at a minimum would be a ”impeachable” offense. Yes I used impeachable offense tounge and cheek.

One of Trumps early statements about Nuclear weapons is an ultimate goal off zero but we have to get there. Does that mean he is a saint, no but he’s not dr strangeglove either.