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.S. Defense News website recently reported that General Ronald Burkese, director of the U.S. Navy's Surface Warfare Center, revealed that his team has started drafting a series of documents that will propose alternative plans for the next generation of cruisers. The new ship will replace Ticonderos Plus cruiser. Since the Obama administration stopped the CG (X) cruiser design program in 2011, the next generation of cruisers has been a blank in the US naval development strategy.

The news sparked concern, with many comparing it to China's 055 frigate. Many foreign media have long referred to China's 055 frigate as a cruiser. U.S. experts even think it is the 055-type 10,000-ton destroyer that was constructed in batches across the Pacific to give the U.S. Navy "pressure" and "momentum."

CG (X) cruiser disrupted due to funding disarmament

"The main US cruiser active duty cruiser is the Ticonderoga developed in the 1970s. The ship built 27 in succession from 1980 to 1994, and currently five are decommissioned and 11 are in active service. Others are in technical storage and upgrading Phase. "Wang Qiang Yuan Wang think tank researcher in an interview with Science and Technology Daily introduced," Ticonderoga level should retire in active service in 2028, so the United States Navy launched the cruiser in the early 2000s maintenance plan, but for various reasons, The next generation cruiser program will be launched in 2011. "

Ticonderoga-class cruiser is the first submarine of the United States Navy's official use of "Aegis" main battle ships, the United States Navy is the only active cruiser. It mainly targets the Soviet Navy surface fleet and aviation. The class ships used "Aegis" air defense radar systems to guide "standard" SAMs and intercept incoming incoming anti-ship missiles and other air threats. Several of them also possessed regional air defenses and theater ABM capabilities.

Wang Qiang introduced the U.S. Navy's maintenance plan for cruisers launched at the beginning of this century, including two aspects. One is the modernization of Ticonderoga-class at present. Plans to upgrade at least nine Ticonderoga softwares to version 5.0 with ballistic missile interceptor capability. After the plan is completed, Ticonderoga will continue to 2045 Years of retirement. Another ambitious project is to develop CG (X). According to the original plan, the United States Navy will build 19 large multi-mission warships, and its performance plan will far exceed Ticonderoga.

In 2001, the U.S. Navy announced a plan to modernize a surface combatant, and the new cruiser CG (X) will be used to replace the existing Ticonderoga cruiser in the United States. "In his vision, CG (X) must adapt to a networked distributed combat environment and maintain its absolute advantage in mission-critical areas to carry out fleet defense and ballistic missile defenses against targets such as stealth cruise missiles and maneuvering ballistic missile warheads, Certain sea-based operations and troop delivery tasks. "He said that due to rising oil prices, the U.S. Navy even started to study whether nuclear power would be used on ships such as future cruisers.

"Unable to afford the $ 6 billion unit price plus delays in the breakthrough of the new radar system and kinetic energy interception technology, the project was finally launched in 2011. It has also been dubbed the 'next-generation cruiser advanced even to the United States' "Wang Qiang said.

The new program will substantially adopt mature technology

As one of the oldest ships, cruisers in recent years have quite a feeling of heroic twilight. Coupled with the United States due to financial constraints to terminate the CG (X) cruiser development plan, many military researchers believe that sooner or later the cruiser will withdraw from the stage of history.

Some experts pointed out: "At present, the difference between destroyers and cruisers is small, and the overwhelming majority of countries no longer develop cruisers. In the future, destroyer's tonnage will be larger and larger and its functions will be stronger and stronger, especially in certain aspects Function, to become one of the main, other aspects of the destroyer.While the cruiser function is relatively simple, in the implementation of the mission will be as destroyer handy.

Therefore, this time, the U.S. Navy once again proposed the development of the next generation of cruisers and made many people stunned.

Commenting on this, Wang Qiang commented: "With the passage of time and with the help of this example, the next generation of cruiser alternatives proposed by the U.S. Navy has obviously surpassed the CG (X) program and used the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center Director Ronald Burke In the words of the game, "the next generation of cruisers may no longer be a cruiser."

"As for the true nature of the new ship in the end what, despite the secrecy of Ronald Burksay, but we can still speculate from a series of recent U.S. Navy moves." Wang Qiang said.

He pointed out that from a technical point of view, the U.S. Navy suspended the original plans for the 18-year-old Zhumuowei Destroyer and positioned the current three ships as technical tests and proof-of-concept ships, thus inferring that the new ship will continue its stealth style in the future And will use the "Three Great Survival" that has become more mature on the Zumwolde level, namely, electromagnetic rail guns, laser weapons and integrated all-electric power. From the current disclosure of the new U.S. frigate project, modularity and plug-and-play are the fixed standards for the comprehensive structural optimization of surface ships. This means that the flexibility of various systems and weapons of the new ship will be more flexible. In addition, from the point of view of operational use, the focus of the U.S. Navy's Surface Warfare Center began to tilt toward external sensors, meaning that the new ship may deploy a large number of unmanned combat platforms to form a new radar system with a seamless connection of wide-area sensors and distributed kill platforms .

"It is certain that the reason why the U.S. military emphasizes the importance of cruisers is that they have taken advantage of the number of Ticonderoga-class cruisers with more than 122 vertical launchers over the number of Alibac destroyers, which is less than 100. Therefore, Ship displacement may not be lower than the current standards, and continue to adopt new technologies in the construction to control manufacturing costs, "Wang Qiang said.


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The United States will gradually lose the strongest surface combat ships starting from 2020!" An article in the U.S. "Defense News" has just made such a sigh. According to the plan, by 2020, the two oldest Bunkercats in the Ticonderoga Class will be out of active service due to the expiration of the ship's life, and the U.S. Navy will maintain its position of two The speed of the ship, until all retired. At this moment, our country has launched the 055 frigate, which has a war power exceeding that of the United States and Burkall-class destroyers, which undoubtedly gives the U.S. Navy "pressure" and "momentum."

"It should be said that the U.S. military's next-generation cruisers and our military's Type 055 ship carrier are a platform for surface warfare. This is why the U.S. military strongly advocates the development of a new ship to fight against our 055-type ship," Wang Qiang said.

According to the information disclosed by the media, the 055 type wars have tons of displacement. This displacement makes it into the ranks of modern cruisers. Moreover, the stealth design of the warships and the integrated mast indicate that the space for modification of the ship electrical equipment in the future is large, In addition to the traditional naval gun and vertical system, the design side also made it clear that the new concept of weapons systems equipped with conditions. It will be equipped with two 64-unit vertical launch systems, which are second to none in the world at present. The system possesses the capability of launching our active and future major ship-based missiles. Equipped with more powerful new active phased array radar system, so that the ship equipped with air defense, anti-missile and the opposite attack all-round combat capability.

"These are similar or similar to the new concept proposed by the United States, but this does not mean that the concept concept of the U.S. military will certainly be able to lead the Type 055." Wang Qiang is not optimistic about the latest U.S. Navy's cruiser program.

"Although the United States Navy is a veteran maritime brigade, judging from the recent successes of several naval vessels, it is easy to make the United States take detours and even make directional detours because of its absolute advantage and its absolute superiority in technology." Wang Qiang said that "055 The successful launching of the warships shows that we have achieved a turn overtaking on the design and manufacture of a modernized surface combatant. "