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Vanguard Submarine Arrives Home Absolutely Caked In Algae

Camouflage! :cool: Bet those people are glad to be home. (y)

Six-month combat patrol. That's long. As noted by The Lookout, the RN may have issues with keeping its boomers in working order. That, or they're on an elevated DEFCON level, or whatever the British equivalent is, and have more boomers out at sea at any given time - which would be consistent with the French practice; it is reported that ever since Putin announced an "increase in the readiness of Russian nuclear forces" last March France began running parallel deployments of three of its four SSBNs instead of one (which had previously been the case).
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March France began running parallel deployments of three of its four SSBNs instead of one (which had previously been the case).
Yes we where at DEFCON 3 at the time. I helped cover it while back:
All we know is that all of French strategic SLBM--(Sub Launched Ballistic Missile) forces are out god knows where. None of them are docked at home.

There has been no official statement. But they only have 1 out 4 out at a time durring normal "peacetime" alert status. But all 4 are out sailing. Naturally the obvious conclusion is French nuclear forces have been put on a higher alert.

Put it bluntly all we know is it's not businesses as usual for the French nuclear deterrent.
Won't be for long. Can't keep secret your only 4 nuclear subs capable of delivering strategic weapons are all out sailing... Still not sure how to feel about that it could be a exercise but none are supose to be taking place as far as I know to the public knowledge.
That's why we are at DEFFON 3.
For what it's worth, Russian boomer deployment patterns (which I monitor rather closely) have not changed noticeably, except for the GROM surge last fall (which was routine and expected). If anything, it's the US that has been fairly aggressive with its deployments - the USN outright admitted they had a SSBN in the Arabian sea; there have also been fairly well publicized transits through the Strait of Gibraltar (USS Rhode Island, if memory serves), and now we have one paying a port visit to South Korea.

That said, Western powers are generally more reliant on the submarine leg of their respective nuclear triads than Russia (where most delivery systems are land-based).
Today's Sentinel pass reveals 5 SSBNs docked in Gadzhiyevo (one of which is likely the decomissioned Ekaterinburg). That's well within normal peacetime patterns.

Credit due to The Lookout.