WAVE WARS Russian military releases terrifying video of “radioactive tsunami” torpedo test


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That is fake, you cant see radiation for starters and the Poseidon torpedo is a fully automated, nuke powered drone that is not shot out of a tube , Its way too big. It is made to be carried on newly modified subs of theirs if they want to get it far enough away from the mainland. Putin is a nut for even considering this given their history with their brave men needing to enter the reactor rooms to lower stuck control rods to stop a meltdown. It has happened a lot more times than we know about, especially with their liquid metal reactors.

I think the whole thing is just a scare tactic and the Russians dont just let info like this slip on TV lol. They know that they have to scare NATO somehow to stop their encroachment. I dont see them fitting inside torpedo tubes in these new modified Oscar 2 subs of theirs.


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I’d didn’t even bother watching it when it first was posted. The scary green lights play well off the bow of a sub on the surface😂.
been reading about this weapon for several years. It’s not a tube launched weapon but like rude marine says a semi autonomous drone that can go on station and wait.
it’s a oooh and ahhh story and would be nuts for any nation to deploy them.
originally it was dubbed the colbalt nuke I think. Sounds scary
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