We might be screwed


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You know he could be a coward acting in fear, And she could be a vicious tenacious fighter.

What was so troubling to me was the Disney story board emphasizing her having two mothers and blah blah blah.
No one gives a shit about your parental history.
It just breeds whiners. How about a cartoon story board of Audey Murphy enlisting as a minor with no father and sick mother in the west Texas depression. Thats a story of opportunity and character and overcoming.

DEFCON Warning System

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Speaking of the movie Red Dawn, Jesse Walker of Reason magazine said, "[I'd] take the Wolverines from Colorado over a small circle of friends from Harvard Square in any revolutionary situation I can imagine."


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Heard a good quote today and I apologize can’t remember who it’s attributed to.
“America today is the largest concentration and number of armed sheepdogs in the history of the world”. Many have extensive experience and even more are learning fast.
If America is to be saved it won’t be the military, DHS, FEMA, or any other alphabet agency.
It will be the same way it was built. By individuals taking risk - venturing far outside their bounds - and working together.
It’s a wilderness out there waiting to be tamed.


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As an add on sheepdogs isn’t just those that kit out and arm up.
they are the people who have fuel on hand and chainsaws to clear stuff, boats to bail you out in floods and trucks and trailers.
As far as sheep go you can only do what you can do.
At some point sheep have to become llamas and learn to spit and kick😂


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I had the extreme honor of being able to attend a symposium with lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman as the speaker.. it was 8 hours straight and man that guy is energized and easy to listen to.. amongst other things was a case study with the besslan school siege... An absolute atrocity... And trust the warm-up exercise for what they want to do to the US...

Highly recommend getting acquainted with lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman...