What Social Media Should We Use?

DEFCON Warning System

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We currently post on Twitter and Facebook.

We're going to be shutting down YouTube. Too much effort for too few views.

What other social media do you think we should be posting on?

Post your suggestions below.


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We aren't giving up either. We want to expand our reach, especially in light of Twitter's aggressive censoring. Who knows when they'll decide they don't like our posting?
Currently, Twitter only is a bias against fake news and news that attempts to aggregate. Aka using injection theory...aka lets say tomorrow trump documents are leaked that say "We wanted to do an overthrow"; if you said "Trump wants to kill you and your kids in this new breaking article" you'll get banned or muted for a bit because it's inciting anger and attempting to promote people not thinking for themselves. Aka injection theory.

But they are harder on right wing groups, compared to left wing groups. Which likely comes to individual bias.


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FB turned shit, he controls what they think you should see with algorithms.
Instagram is for photos.
Telegram is visible in Slavic countries, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine ... but very controlling?