Will the US Military mutiny? (Split from Iranian air defenses and maritime forces on high alert, according to US Intel Community)


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also, let me provide something I can provide on the topic: https://taskandpurpose.com/joining-the-military/5-reasons-soldiers-join-army/#:~:text=SHARE-,Americans join the Army for plenty of reasons,country, family, and honor.&text=But while 37% of soldiers,joined for entirely institutional ones.
(offering public data for all of it, and if you can pull back the document pertaining to the army (if you know it on hand) please post that too.

(I also can't find the leaked guide to recruitment by the military, which is how they train the 79r, but it had a few "touchy" subjects on how they get you to join up...most of them being in the area of psyops, not the crazy ones where they blast music and drive you crazy, it's kind of off invoking a sense of duty or anger or provoking you to join due to the idea "You make excuses...and you couldn't do it even if you tried", also people choosing Moses is starting to hurt the army a bit more because they are starting to go into bigger and bigger deficits for shitty jobs... aka plumming, 35F, and lower end jobs within a field, young people are joining for exp and job knowledge and skills, not a shitty job that will get you nowhere or pay shitty, though recruiters are taught on this too... aka "The bonus will help you...imagine that 20-50k bonus...and meanwhile at meps (This is reported a lot), they scam you out of the bonus, due to young people not being taught about legal documents, aka.... you need to sign a document with the bonus specified, then you have marine recruiters who get you real good with the Opencontract then you can sign for a job, which the opencontract holds the higher precedence, due to it being the first document you sign... Anyway, the recruiting process is hurting our military and I believe within the next few years when the study of retention and recruitment comes out and general approval of soldiers comes out (Can't remember what they call it...a conscious?, it will show heavily) But I can say us military is still atleast not forcing recruitment and forced conscription.

Additon: With the information age it makes recruiting and the tricks harder for "intelligent kids", aka kids who research what they are getting themself into, and the military recruiters don't like that..they attempt to discredit reddit, twitter; the more informed you are the less they can pull over your head, just like the recruiter that attempted to grab me said.

"Mr...blank, you can't trust reddit and any of these sites because they are filled with people who are given/have outdated information, even your family members have outdated information; I am providing you the best and most accurate information", Then they proceeded trying to get me to sign after I was told the job I had reserved was filled...even after I had the army paper saying it was reserved; "We can't give you that, we can give you 25f" Me: I can wait and I can just come back later, "Well, no..if you don't get in now your score might go down you can swap jobs when in the army", (Provided the info from reddit and family on how hard it is to flip jobs once in..aka once you signed (You can't really flip jobs easily once you are in, you have to wait till your contract is up and you resign for a better job), and I simply provided the idea of "4 years...vs 3 months of waiting (Due to the new recruitment cycle)" and he was pissed I knew the recruiting cycle and wouldn't sign to the job he wanted to fill so he could get some pride points, at said time I had an offer for a lovely federal job due to prior escapades with computer systems and well, we all know how that goes... but they continued to tell me...said group isn't a good job and it's best to get the exp from the army, rather then said groups...training program, they attempt to discredit our own federal institutions and they have this weird thing they do (I've spoken to multiple people on it), where they have a "expert in the field" the field they wanted me to do was 25b, I simply asked if I could get something else closer to the job I wanted, they said no...25b or CBRN, and they continued to pressure it with them putting me in calls with "people who were in the job", I asked one simple question to the (tech sargent or whatever, he was in for like 20 years), he didn't know what a zero day was.... he didn't know what TCP Protocall was, he didn't even know what a VOIP was...and none of the army people they put me in contact with the title of 25b knew...which makes me think the recruiters lie on calls to get you to sign, I had a few people tell me the same and I've saw a few reddit posts on it, referring to kids who are the sons of plummers trying to get Plummer and the military "plumer" couldn't tell them some simple knowledge, it was just an attempt to get the kid to sign (kid...18-25)
Less than a 1/4 of our fighting force is gojng to follow any orders from Mr. Dementia, thats for dam sure.


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Less than a 1/4 of our fighting force is gojng to follow any orders from Mr. Dementia, thats for dam sure.
If they don't serve the commander and chief, they aren't defending the American people, interest, or American lives; I've chatted with a good amount of mil members on this topic and they have loyalty for America, you shouldn't let your bias make false and invalid statements.

I've talked with many of 35f's 46a's and a good number of 79r's and general officer based Moses, aka 17A Officers, Tech officers and they are down to protect the American people...and following the chain of command; with a direct retort...if you are active service and decline to follow the chain of command, maybe you should leave the military as it isn't your personal playground nor the playground of a direct political party, it is the protection force of the American people and the protector of American assets; I'd highly suggest sitting down and thinking about the contract...and the agreement you agreed to when you rose that hand and said them words ""I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States".... So please, what you just stated is hypocrisy and goes against what you swear to protect and abide.

Generally summing it up: The orders are being followed and those who wish to resist won't make it in the military, as it's not a "Job of choice" it's a job of duty and following the chain of command...you get your housing paid for by repubs/dems/libritarians and everything in between, we pay your food, housing, paycheck, we pay for you to defend us, and your statement is just sickening and not based on any factual evidence besides being angry that your guy didn't win...which means you don't support democracy...democracy is accepting your man lost, and accepting that maybe my man lost and worrying about it next term, it's about meeting in the middle...not "I always win, I always get what I want" it's about meeting in the middle and creating a "fair" level of play.... aka exactly what dems and repubs have to do in the congress/senate inorder to get laws passed....but you know, "My man good, other man bad :( "


I see and respect everyone’s opinions on this. Like many of you, I too served and was of the first into Iraq 2003. (We didn’t know where we were going until mid flight). I’d like to say I refused the orders I disagreed with, especially those that got my comrades killed and ultimately severely injured and paralyzed me. But I followed orders and my chain of command flawlessly. We do, however, have a new breed of soldiers... time out cards, fast promoting, etc.etc. Will this change how the new military thinks and acts? I still don’t think so. I pray our new COLLECTIVE leadership makes those life or death decisions and not one person alone. Regardless, a nation divided is only as strong as its weakest link. We all need to stop taking and blaming sides and starts unifying in plans moving forward.