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Zircon turns out to be big bluff


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This week, the Russian aggressor again hit Kyiv with Zircon missiles and Ukrainian air defense managed to shoot them down. However, this time it was found that some characteristics of the newest weapon are far from the declared ones.
The weight of the Zircon warhead was claimed to be 300 kg. It turned out that the entire warhead weighed only 140-150 kg, of which 40 kg was explosives.

Why do they use Zircon to hit protected Kyiv?

Kyiv is covered by Patriot systems, which is why the Russians are launching Zircon. They want to find out if the Patriot can reach them, so to speak, they are testing it. In general, they want to have a trump weapon that cannot be repelled. For example, to strike a demonstration strike before any negotiations. If the Zircon had penetrated Ukrainian air defense, they might have struck more massively. As long as these missiles are shot down, they have nothing to criticize.
They will continue to test them. They will try some other way, using other trajectories, and tactics, under the cover of cruise missiles or ballistics. But I want to assure you that there will be no massive launches of Zircon because the Russians do not have them in such numbers. They have a dozen of them, no more.