Cuba anti-government protests


Cuban people legitimately protest an oppressive regime, and Russia/China are right there supporting that oppressive regime as well as blaming the US for the Cuban people’s plight. I hate communists. They are truly the scum of the Earth, yet they appear to be on their way to controlling it. Where do our President and Congressional leaders stand on this? Anyone else find it curious how China and Russia have suddenly become so boisterous and are basically barking orders at the West?


Power Poster
Note the Jacobins and the results of the French Revolution. Pure democracy sucks and is “red in tooth and claw”
it’s all really just about power no more no less.
is the power concentrated in strong centrally “planned” governments. Or is it diffused and forced down to the individual and local community.
In one is power concentrated in the few, technocrats politicians PAC’s unions banks corporations and special interest groups.

The other rest solely in the individual and community. Community being the city county state.