Israel-Palestine | 2022


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Israel and Iran are rapidly approaching an inflection point over Tehran’s nuclear program, and what was the atomic equivalent of a controlled clash between the two countries is now devolving into an unconstrained chain reaction. In late May, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations agency tasked with globally overseeing nuclear technology and use, reported that Iran possesses enough fissile material to construct a nuclear bomb. Jerusalem’s long-feared specter of Tehran becoming an existential threat to Israel is now very real and imminent. For Israel, it is 1981 redux — when then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and his security Cabinet authorized Operation Babylon to destroy Saddam Hussein’s Osirak nuclear facility. Iraq’s atomic threat was largely theoretical in nature in 1981; Iran’s today is far more dire and will be exponentially more difficult to eliminate.
This is going to get very messy! IMO :(
Im only surprised that the whole thing hasn’t blow wide open yet. I guess kill Iranians here and there is sating Israel‘s appetite. I fully expect The Kingdom and the Israelis to launch massive first strikes.
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I fully expect The Kingdom and the Israelis to launch massive first strikes.
Yes that's about becoming a real thing soon.


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Just in: Head of Iran's IRGC intelligence Hossein Taeb who threatened to target Israeli citizens in Istanbul some days ago, is hospitalized in Tehran.
Unconfirmed reports that Hossein Taeb, Head of #IRGC’s Intelligence Org, has been targeted in an assassination attempt & is now in Khatam Al-Anbiya hospital. Days ago Israeli outlets identified Taeb as the individual behind planned terror attacks on Israeli citizens in Turkey


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UK denies deputy mission head was detained by IRGC​

Video footage released by the IRGC claimed to show the deputy ambassador near a site where Iran was conducting missile exercises.​

Iran released footage of the Deputy Ambassador blind folded and removed from a vehicle by Iranians personnel. Now Iran said two more detainees that were mentioned in the report are the husband of an Austrian cultural attaché, and a Polish Professor who arrived to the country as a tourist.