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UA-RU | June 1st-30th | REPORTS

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Alligators” staged a massive “genocide” of NATO tanks and equipment during the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the junction of the DPR and the Zaporozhye FrontOn the new footage, +4 more accurate hits on enemy armored vehicles from the helicopter pilots of the Vostok group when repelling one of the attacks on the Vremevsky salient.In total: the gunships burned up to 30 - 40 (!) units of enemy armored vehicles in a few days.It is interesting that if in the first days of the counteroffensive the pilots reacted violently to accurate hits, now the reaction has become more restrained. The mass destruction of enemy armored vehicles is becoming commonplace for them, notes the Warrior of the Far East.

Ukraine is kicking off its big offensive armed with powerful Western tanks and weapons, but breaking Russian lines may be anything but easy

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun, kicking off a particularly dangerous time for Ukraine's armed forces, even with its newly acquired arsenal of Western-made tanks, armored vehicles, and other weaponry that has been pouring in over months.
"The initial counteroffensive operations may be the most difficult and slowest, as they involve penetrating prepared defensive positions," ISW said Thursday. "Initialsetbacks are to be expected. This phase may also see the highest Ukrainian losses." Citing two senior US officials, CNN reported Thursday that Ukrainian forces have met greater resistance than expected and have suffered heavy equipment and personnel losses trying to break through Russian lines in the eastern part of the country. One official said the losses, which included armored vehicles, as "significant."

Ukrainian forces have suffered losses in heavy equipment and soldiers as they met greater than expected resistance from Russian forces in their first attempt to breach Russian lines in the east of the country in recent days, two senior US officials tell CNN. One US official described the losses – which include US supplied MRAP armored personnel vehicles as “significant.”
Ukrainian forces managed to overrun some Russian forces in the east around Bakhmut. However, Russian forces, armed with anti-tank missiles, grenades and mortars, have put up “stiff resistance,” with their forces dug into defensive lines that are several layers deep in some areas and marked by minefields that have taken a heavy toll on Ukrainian armored vehicles.
Ah yes, blurry images that cannot show the Russian marking on the vehicles and uniforms. Death to Russia.
Try to hold back your tears now so what you will see next won't seem blurry for you:

Burning Leo

Ukrainian crews were really quick to abandon all that good stuff. Very poorly trained and motivated force.
Should they weld the hatches with crews in so they won't escape, like they did before?
Try to hold back your tears now so what you will see next won't seem blurry for you:

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Burning Leo
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Ukrainian crews were really quick to abandon all that good stuff. Very poorly trained and motivated force.
Should they weld the hatches with crews in so they won't escape, like they did before?
Losses are inevitable during any military undertaking. Ukrainian forces will suffer losses, including of both Western and Soviet equipment, during any offensive operations. Western equipment is not impervious to damage any more than the equipment that the Ukrainians have been using and losing since February 2022. The loss of equipment — including Western equipment — early on in the counteroffensive is not an indicator of the future progress of Ukraine’s counteroffensive. It is important not to exaggerate the impact of initial losses of Western or any other equipment, particularly in penetration battles against prepared defensive positions.

⚠️ Russia reported heavy fighting along the front in southern and eastern Ukraine, while Kyiv maintained a strict silence about its long-anticipated counterattack
With virtually no independent reporting from the front lines and Kyiv maintaining a strict policy of silence,
it was impossible to assess whether Ukraine was having success in penetrating Russian defences to drive out occupying forces.

🚨 White House says Iran is helping Russia build a drone factory east of Moscow for the war in Ukraine​

Thedrive and OSINT folks all seem to think they’re legit losses:
A video circulated on the internet, purporting to show something new: a western-supplied Leopard tank being destroyed. The BBC has not yet verified the video.

Putin claims Russian forces halting Ukrainian counteroffensive

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukrainian troops have started a long-expected counteroffensive and were suffering “significant” losses in their efforts to punch through Moscow’s defence lines in Ukraine. “We can clearly say the offensive has started, as indicated by the Ukrainian army’s use of strategic reserves,” Putin told reporters in Sochi on Friday, where he was meeting with heads of other states in the Eurasian Economic Union.
“But the Ukrainian troops haven’t achieved their stated tasks in a single area of fighting,” he said. “We are seeing that the Ukrainian regime’s troops are suffering significant losses,” Putin said, without providing details. “It’s known that the offensive side suffers losses of 3 to 1 – it’s sort of classic – but in this case, the losses significantly exceed that classic level,” he added.

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