Zaporizhzhya NPP | Mar/3rd - Aug/18th '2022

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Russia is likely going to blow the plant in my view. This is completely reckless and NATO should issue a stern warning that this will be treated the same as a chemical or nuclear strike.
Why would they? If anything it'll backfire on Russia, Some people would happily do a second Chernobyl if it means pushing Russians out of Ukraine. Russia is no angel but if you haven't noticed they have avoided escalation on multiple occasions, the sanctions, Finland and Sweden's NATO membership ,the sinking of their flagship Moskva, Kalningrad, the attacks on Belgorod and most recently the base in Crimea and Belarus. I don't support Russia btw they are 100% wrong for invading, i'm just trying to look at the situation that isn't a one-sided view. if Russia really is threatening to blow the NPP its most likely a big bluff to scare off Ukranians.

In all honesty, Russia is aware they are inferior to NATO, Putin said so himself, In my opinion they are happy to just keep Ukraine destablised for a while, if they were to really escalate then they would go all in including the prepartion of nuclear weapons in the case that NATO does not back down.


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Do not think Russia is trying blow up the NPP on purpose. But rather doing whatever it takes to take total control over it. If in the process of trying to secure the place it blows up oh well I guess is the Russian mindset.

I.E if the plant gets destroyed and goes critical because they tried to seize the power plant and the surrounding area then they can just blame Ukraine. You know. Not like Russia will ever take responsibility

You get it though? Seeing it through Russian eyes. Take the powerplant and the area around it by any means and if the power plant gets destroyed in the process they can easily change the blame to Ukriane and use it to their advantage too in their view.

Russia has already said if they cannot have it no one can. So they will try and take it by any means and in the process if it gets destroyed oh well....
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World on the brink of nuclear catastrophe – Moscow​

If Ukrainian forces keep attacking the Zaporozhye power plant, a nuclear disaster can happen at any moment, Moscow warns

Kiev’s “reckless” actions are pushing the world ever closer to a major nuclear disaster, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, told the UN Security Council at a meeting focused on the Zaporozhye power plant in southern Ukraine.
The plant has been under the control of Russian forces since the start of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev and has since been shelled by Ukrainian troops on several occasions. “We have repeatedly warned our Western colleagues that, should they fail to talk sense into the Kiev regime, it would take the most heinous and reckless steps, which would have consequences far beyond Ukraine,” Nebenzia told the Security Council on Thursday. “That is exactly what is happening,” he said, adding that the Western “sponsors” of Kiev would have to bear the responsibility for a potential nuclear catastrophe.


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Latvia strongly condemns Russian military occupation of #Zaporizhzhya NPP & threats to its employees. Russia creates a nuclear security threat to the entire European continent. We call on Russia to return #NPP under control of 🇺🇦 & provide secure conditions for the @iaeaorg mission.

France declared that Russia should immediately withdraw its troops from the Zaporizhia NPP.
#NuclearTerrorism #RussiaIsATerroristState


Why did the camera mess up?
Radiation is coming directly at the camera from the power plant, blocking the ccd chip signal but the dark area its compensated by the photo software engine by equalising the pixels next to each other.


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