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Belgorod Russian Separatist Attacks | 5/22/2023

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the cat in the CBS interview I posted above, denied having used American equipment. Who knows, "The first casualty of war is the truth" right?
I would refine that statement a little.
The first casualty of diplomacy is truth.
In war is always some grunt in an outpost somewhere or a civilian in a bombing run.

Truth is already sacrificed before nations go to war. And sometimes truth is rarely objective. Sometimes it’s just a tool of state policy.
It was true that the Allie’s were too harsh on Germany after WW1. But that truth did not justify Germany’s eventual response.

Just as a defense attorney will never admit to seeking the truth. Rather it is to defend their client. Irregardless of the truth.
Most of our justice systems are adversarial, why should we expect our foreign relations to be any different.


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